Motor / Auto Insurance is a protection of your automobile against physical damages from fire, theft, explosion, accidents, etc. This is also compulsory, especially because while drive, there is always a possibility of damaging third-parties, and hence you need the insurance to settle the liabilities arising.

A standard motor insurance policy is usually the insurance coverage mandated by law to drive on the road. Thus, it primarily covers you against liability damages and unexpected repairs. These liability damages can be of two types. First is when a bodily injury has been caused to a third person. Second is where the property of a third person and own car.

Apart from it, you can also insure your vehicle against any physical damage to it. The Auto Insurance can be of any kind of vehicle and broadly can be of two types – Act Only (Liability against third party) and Comprehensive / Package (All risk) Policy The package type of policy covers all the risks covered under Motor Liability policy plus loss or damage caused to the vehicle due to:

Accident, Fire, Explosion, Self Ignition, Lighting, Burglary, House Breaking, Theft, Riots & Strikes, Earthquakes, Flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Cyclones, Malicious Acts, Terrorism, Transit by rail/road, air and waterways and also include towing charges.